Santis Clinic is COVID-SAFE and adopts all recommended precautions at its operating and clinic sites such that patients in need of face-to-face care can still access it. We also provide virtual (video and phone) consultations, and our ability to provide rapid access to expert prostate cancer diagnostics, biopsy and robotic prostatectomy for patients is unrestricted. Please contact us for further details. or 0203 389 5860

With over 1 million cases of prostate cancer diagnosed worldwide last year, it is increasingly important for men to be aware of the disease. We know that with awareness, timely diagnosis is possible and subsequently treatment and cure. As prostate cancer experts who have worked tirelessly in treating thousands of men between us over the last twenty years, we believe that every man should have access to the highest standard of medical care so that they can continue to lead fulfilling lives. We wanted to create a centre of excellence that would deliver the best possible outcomes for these men: treatments would be performed by the best trained specialists utilising innovative techniques and the latest academic research used to achieve exceptional patient outcomes. Improvement comes from measurement of outcomes, critiquing those outcomes, making changes and reassessing. That is how we create excellence.

In 2017 we founded Santis. This is a “start up” of a multidisciplinary prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment centre with everything focussed on outcomes and improvement: a London-based private medical clinic that is focussed on producing world-class results. We want to be judged by our results and we will use our results to improve continuously. Our founding clinical team is three surgeons strong: one is a pioneer of keyhole surgery, one is the highest volume surgeon in the UK, and one is an internationally renowned academic. Each consistently achieves patient outcomes that are among the best in the world as a result of decades of combined experienced in treating thousands of patients, training under world leaders, and a focused approach on optimising patients’ results.

Not only is our mission is to provide the best care, but we are also committed to full transparency in our work. We plan to publish the outcomes of all patients treated by us, enabling a truly informed choice for future patients. If you ever need help, we hope that you will think of Santis first.

To your continued good health,

PS and Christopher

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