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The surgeons at Santis have been featured in The Times, The Daily Mail and the BBC amongst many others, and continue to be approached regularly for their opinion and expertise in the field of robotic radical prostatectomy. We’ve collected some of their recent media appearances here.

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“Prostate cancer saliva test trial to alert men with high genetic risk”

Published 11 Jun 2018

PS comments on a new trial that could identify the men most at risk of prostate cancer by testing their saliva.

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“The good doctors guide: Meet the best urologists in Britain”

Published 5 Jun 2018

We are delighted that all three Santis surgeons have been included in the Daily Mail’s guide to Britain’s best prostate cancer surgeons, in recognition of their vast experience and constant innovation in the field of robotic radical prostatectomy. This makes Santis the only clinic in the UK where each and every surgeon is featured in the guide.

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“Robots used in new prostate cancer surgeries could encourage more young men to go under the knife, top surgeon says”

Published 26 Apr 2018

PS discusses how Retzius-sparing robotic radical prostatectomy is “revolutionising the outcomes for patients” with a 9x improvement in continence rates one week after surgery.

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“BBC Radio 4 – Professor Eden discusses PSA testing”

Published 7 Mar 2018

Professor Christopher Eden is invited as a guest expert to BBC Radio 4’s PM with Eddie Mair, and explains with evidence why PSA testing for prostate cancer in men aged 40 and above is so important.



“Is the rise of the robosurgeon a revolution or rip-off?”

Published 2 Jan 2018

Professor Christopher Eden offers his comments on the Retzius-sparing technique for robotic radical prostatectomy in the Daily Mail: “This is a new operation, and is where I believe that the future of robotics in prostate surgery properly lies, rather than in inexperienced surgeons using the hype of robots to attract patients.”

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“TRoMbone prostate cancer trial”

Published 20 Dec 2017

P Soori is interviewed about the new TRoMbone prostate cancer trial he is pioneering in London, which is investigating new treatment for men with prostate cancer that has grown beyond the prostate itself.



“Robots give surgeons a new approach to prostate cancer”

Published 18 Dec 2017

Professor Christopher Eden discusses the advent of Retzius-sparing robotic radical prostatectomy and how it is transforming continence rates in his patients.

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“Prostate cancer patients to be offered life-saving operations on NHS for the first time”

Published 11 Dec 2017

P Soori is interviewed by the Evening Standard about his trial involving all three Santis surgeons that hopes to offer much improved outcomes for men with metastatic prostate cancer.

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“Revealed: how robots have saved lives of 500 men in London battling deadly prostate cancer”

Published 24 Nov 2017

Santis surgeon P Soori talks about the benefits of using the da Vinci robot, which has enabled him to perform more than 150 radical prostatectomies a year.

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“New surgery for prostate cancer can cut the chance of incontinence: Operation that approaches the gland from a different angle reduces the risk”

Published 14 Nov 2017

Professor Eden shares the story of Mr. Steve Gregory and his successful Retzius-sparing robotic radical prostatectomy.

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