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The surgeons at Santis have been featured in The Times, The Daily Mail and the BBC amongst many others, and continue to be approached regularly for their opinion and expertise in the field of robotic radical prostatectomy. We’ve collected some of their recent media appearances here.

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“Santis consultant PS talks to Manzilla about men’s health for international men’s day 2020”

Published 20 Nov 2020

Santis consultant PS talks to Manzilla about men’s health for international men’s day 2020


“‘Everyone should go and get checked before it is too late’ – prostate cancer survivor”

Published 16 Nov 2020

One of PS’s patients, Mr Jean Calí, speaks about his cancer diagnosis and subsequent care under Mr Prasanna Sooriakumaran in London.

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“Cancer poses a greater threat than Covid”

Published 23 Oct 2020

In this article PS takes us through his working week and how he is explaining to patients that cancer is a bigger threat to their health than COVID-19.

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“PS chairs the Societe d’Urologie International Annual Meeting session on early, lethal (oligometastatic) prostate cancer”

Published 6 Oct 2020

Watch his video summary here

SIU talk from Prasanna Sooriakumaran on Vimeo.


“Discussing the role of surgery in treating men with advanced prostate cancer”

Published 9 Jun 2020

In this video, Mr Sooriakumaran(PS) discusses the role of surgery in treating men with advanced prostate cancer, traditionally thought to be incurable. He presents his world-first study examining the safety and feasibility of robotic surgery in this setting. This is a subject Mr Sooriakumaran has won awards for, and is a genuine world leader in.


“Covid-19, cancer, and other calamities”

Published 6 Apr 2020

PS and Karol Sikora discuss what the Coronavirus pandemic means for cancer care in the UK.

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“As the NHS pivots to coronavirus, what about its other patients?”

Published 25 Mar 2020

Prasanna Sooriakumaran makes a powerful case for the establishment of dedicated cancer care units during the Coronavirus crisis so that their treatment is not interrupted.

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“PS named in list of London’s most influential people 2019 – Health & Wellness”

Published 4 Oct 2019

Described as a pioneering “robotic surgeon”, PS’s work as a leading robotic surgeon is highlighted in the Evening Standard’s list of the most influential people in London.

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“Prostate cancer effects on mental health and what you should do”

Published 23 Aug 2019

Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran discusses the important of mental health support for men with prostate cancer in Eastern Eye, Britain’s foremost newspaper for British Asians.

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“There is no question among experts that screening for prostate cancer using PSA saves lives”

Published 4 Apr 2019

Professor Christopher Eden’s published letter to The Telegraph’s Editor about how prostate cancer screening using PSA saves lives, and is supported by strong scientific evidence.

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“Prostate cancer causes too many deaths but we can stop the threat early”

Published 1 Mar 2019

To mark the beginning of prostate cancer awareness month, robotic surgery expert Prasanna Sooriakumaran writes in the Evening Standard about the importance of prompt screening for prostate cancer, and urges men who are particularly at risk (such as black men in their 50s) to get tested.

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“Dr. Prasanna Sooriakumaran named as one of London’s most influential people”

Published 11 Oct 2018

Described as a “pioneering robotic surgeon investigating new techniques to spare men with prostate cancer the potentially debilitating effects of surgery”, Prasanna Sooriakumaran, one of our consultants, was named in the Progress 1000 list of London’s most influential people.

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“Prostate cancer saliva test trial to alert men with high genetic risk”

Published 11 Jun 2018

PS comments on a new trial that could identify the men most at risk of prostate cancer by testing their saliva.

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“The good doctors guide: Meet the best urologists in Britain”

Published 5 Jun 2018

We are delighted that all three Santis surgeons have been included in the Daily Mail’s guide to Britain’s best prostate cancer surgeons, in recognition of their vast experience and constant innovation in the field of robotic radical prostatectomy. This makes Santis the only clinic in the UK where each and every surgeon is featured in the guide.

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“Robots used in new prostate cancer surgeries could encourage more young men to go under the knife, top surgeon says”

Published 26 Apr 2018

PS discusses how Retzius-sparing robotic radical prostatectomy is “revolutionising the outcomes for patients” with a 9x improvement in continence rates one week after surgery.

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