Santis Clinic is COVID-SAFE and adopts all recommended precautions at its operating and clinic sites such that patients in need of face-to-face care can still access it. We also provide virtual (video and phone) consultations, and our ability to provide rapid access to expert prostate cancer diagnostics, biopsy and robotic prostatectomy for patients is unrestricted. Please contact us for further details. or 0203 389 5860

A high-volume, private London prostate cancer clinic dedicated to achieving world-class results for robotic prostatectomy

Santis is the highest volume private prostatectomy practice in the UK, with our patient outcomes among the best in the world as a result of decades of combined experience in treating thousands of men, training under world leaders, and our focused approach on optimising patient outcomes.

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Robotic prostatectomy at Santis

The ability, volume and experience of your surgeon is the most important factor in achieving a successful result in terms of cancer survival, potency and continence. We believe in transparency too: we publish research using collected patient data that not only proves that experience is critical, but also that the specific techniques used by us lead to better results for patients.

In recognition of our achievements, in 2018 the Daily Mail’s guide to the top 10 prostate cancer surgeons in Britain featured both of our surgeons for their experience and exceptional patient results, as voted by their peers. This makes us the only clinic in the UK to have all of their surgeons featured in the guide.

Additionally, Santis is the only prostate cancer clinic in London to offer both the Retzius-sparing and NeuroSAFE techniques for patients, delivering better continence post-operation and the best possible nerve preservation respectively.

That’s why we believe Santis is the best choice for patients.

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World-renowned experts delivering world-class outcomes for patients

Our two surgeons have an exceptional pedigree. One is a pioneer of the minimally invasive surgical approach, and the other is an internationally renowned academic. It goes without saying that their results are among the best in the world.

Meet the team

Cancer cure rate: 99.4%

A high-volume clinic with exceptional, published results

Conducting in excess of 300 operations per year, we are a high-volume clinic that constantly strives for the best results. We’re committed to transparency in our work too, publishing over 2,300 patient results that demonstrate exceptional outcomes for cancer cure, potency and continence.

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State of the art Da Vinci robotic equipment for the best result possible

We use the very latest Da Vinci Si robotic system for even greater visibility, precision and control, resulting in a number of patient benefits including a faster return to sexual function, a reduced risk of complications, a quicker recovery period and minimised scarring.

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Consultations and surgery in London, Surrey & Hampshire

With a network of hospitals and consulting rooms that we work with covering the South East of England, we can make arrangements to suit your schedule. After a consultation, surgery can be arranged within 2-3 weeks. We can also arrange and perform PSA and SelectMDx testing, MRI scans and biopsies.

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We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to prostate cancer, featuring interviews with past patients, GPs and doctors specialising in radiotherapy. It’s everything you need to know, divided up into 12 easy-to-read chapters.

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Do you have a question about prostate cancer that you’d like advice on? Read past topics and discuss issues from diagnosis to suitable treatment with fellow patients and medical experts in our Community Forum.

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What our patients say

Santis - radical prostatectomy patient Mark Smith

Mr. Mark Smith

“When my test results came back positive I was eager to have a robotic radical prostatectomy as soon as possible. However, the lack of a local private hospital with the necessary equipment led me to look further afield. Very quickly I found the Santis website and within 24 hours I was booked in for an operation at the Princess Grace Hospital. I was most impressed that the surgeon, Prasanna Sooriakumaran, took the trouble to ring me in the evening to talk me through the process, and I enjoyed meeting him for a preoperative assessment where he gave me plenty of time to understand what my options were. I was delighted to learn how many of these operations he has done as the level of experience is clearly of the utmost importance to getting the best possible result.”

Santis - radical prostatectomy patient Rachid Noui

Mr. Rachid Noui

“Being a rugby player I have had numerous injuries over the years that have required surgery, and I can honestly say that my experience of the care I have received from Professor Eden has been the best I have ever had. He was kind and took his time to answer all my questions honestly and in a straightforward manner, and when it came to the day of the surgery itself I was completely confident that I was in the best hands possible. He phoned my wife straight after the surgery, which was greatly appreciated, and even after discharge from hospital he followed up to check on me after a query I made to the hospital. Professor Eden is a world-class surgeon and has a world-class team working with him, and I am extremely grateful to him. Upon removal of the catheter I was immediately fully continent, have recovered all nerve function and everything is well on its way to returning back to normal. I even went skiing only 4 weeks after the operation (see photo!).

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