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Behind Santis are three exceptional prostate cancer surgeons: some of the most experienced in the world. Their research, practice and teaching has directly contributed to bettering the livelihood of thousands of men across the globe, and they founded Santis as an exceptional and unique centre of excellence for treating men with prostate cancer.

A letter from the Founders

“We wanted to create a centre of excellence that would deliver the best possible outcomes for these men: treatments would be performed by the best trained specialists utilising innovative techniques and the latest academic research used to achieve exceptional patient outcomes. Improvement comes from measurement of outcomes, critiquing those outcomes, making changes and reassessing. That is how we create excellence.”

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Santis - Professor Christopher Eden - Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Professor Christopher Eden

Christopher performed the UK’s first laparoscopic (keyhole) operation for prostate cancer in 2000, and since then has pioneered numerous other advancements, including the Retzius-sparing technique in the UK which appears to significantly improve early continence after prostate cancer surgery. He has a particular interest in surgery for high-risk prostate cancer.

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Santis - Mr. Declan Cahill - Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Mr. Declan Cahill

Considered to be the UK's highest volume surgeon, Declan has 15 years experience in advanced prostate diagnostics, has a special interest in active surveillance for prostate cancer and with experience of leading radical prostatectomy at The Royal Marsden (a world leading institute in prostate cancer research and treatment), his outcomes are equivalent to the best published results in the world.

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Santis - Mr. Prasanna Sooriakumaran (PS) - Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Mr. Prasanna Sooriakumaran (PS)

PS is one of the UK’s leading academic prostate cancer surgeons, and just one of a handful of surgeons in the UK to be classed as high-volume. Having trained and operated at the world-famous University of Oxford, his ground-breaking research into the role of surgery in advanced prostate cancer has informed robotic prostatectomy practice worldwide.

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