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Author’s Introduction

In all our years as prostate cancer surgeons, one thing that has been fairly constant is a patient’s need for information. From the moment they suspect something is wrong, they try to soak up as much knowledge as they can from a variety of sources. Yet there is much to confuse the newcomer, and little in the way of advice directly from the doctors and surgeons themselves – those on the front lines, fighting against prostate cancer every day. In writing this Guide, we’ve also brought in advice from GPs, oncologists and past patients who have experienced each treatment option so you receive a balanced overview from others who have dealt with prostate cancer cases first-hand.

This guide has been created to concentrate our learnings over the last two decades into one easily-understood, jargon-free resource for patients, and to help all men understand prostate cancer better. For the better we all understand prostate cancer, the better we can make well-informed decisions on how to treat it.

Whether you’re just curious about the disease or deciding how to treat your own condition, this guide has been designed to be approachable and helpful: a comforting resource you can rely on to answer your most pressing questions. From initial suspicion to getting tested, receiving a diagnosis, undergoing treatment and then a final prognosis, we hope the guidance contained within will help you each step of the way.

To your continued good health,

Christopher Eden, Declan Cahill & Prasanna Sooriakumaran - Consultant Urological Surgeons at Santis

PS, Christopher and Declan

What is the prostate?

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